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fun games to play at the park for adults

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Whether you're looking for an old classic, entertainment for your outdoor wedding or fun activities to get your kids out of the house, we've got 50 of the best summer games for the young and young at heart.
In celebration of springtime and the kid in all of us, we made a list of the best backyard and beach games for adults. Click to Play! fun games to play at the park for adults


27 Insanely Fun Outdoor Games You'll Want To Play All Summer Long

Many of these games are great for the beach too! Potato Sack Race. Sack races, aka "gunny races," became popular at carnivals in the 1800s, and they're still a hoot today. Spikeball. Cornhole or Beanbag Toss. Bocce or Boochie. Horseshoes. Washer Toss. Kan Jam or Frisbee Golf. Limbo.
But picnics can also bring a sense of peace, tranquility and fun to the adults as well. This is especially true when you've chosen a location that isn't open to family activities, like coastal areas with beach bars on the sand or a country club with fresh open space for you to romp in. Some camping resorts have gorgeous back ...

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Whether you're hosting a play date, 4th of July BBQ or a family reunion, we've got your entertainment covered with our 65 Outdoor Party Games!
Fun outdoor games are typically geared toward children or young adults and many of these games hold a childlike simplicity, such as guessing an item or...
When you choose silly party games, you're throwing out the rules when it comes to adult fun. The best party games are the ones that bring out the kid in us. Which is just as well, as you'll be asking your friends to do odd things. Silly party games playing tips. Make sure you have plenty of outdoor space.
These birthday party games are a blast to play and only use items that you already have in your house. These are great for little kids up to grownups.

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Grab a few buds, one of these lawn games, head to the nearest beach or grassy knoll, and let the good times ensue.. on the other hand, is a super-sized, outdoor-friendly version that is played by filling the red buckets up with water or sand, and gets the whole family in on the fun (though of course you can ...
Capture the Flag: This game is most fun when played with a large group. Split the group into two teams, each team having a flag or other marker at the team's base. The object of the game is to run into the other team's territory, capture their flag and make it safely back to your own territory. You can tag ...
Looking for games to play in the dark? Look no further. Whether the power is out or you're just looking to shake up your nighttime routine, playing in the dark can be fun for kids and adults alike. When the lights go out, it's an opportunity to unplug and play in the physical world, says Dr. Glenda Revelle, an associate professor ...
That's why we've put together a list of camping games that will chase that boredom away—and the adults might even enjoy themselves too! We wanted to make sure that these fun camping games aren't just for athletic or nature-loving kids. So we pulled together ideas that will appeal to any kids, teenagers.

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Amusement Park in Delhi for Kids|Theme Park in Delhi | Places to have fun in Delhi

Are you tired of seeing your kid glued to the computer screen all day?
Is it turning him into a dull boy?
You should search for some fun games to play at the park with your children.
Free play is a critical component of childhood.
Park games for kids sometime seem ancient for the present generation kids.
With the alluring electronic gadgets at home, it may be difficult to get your children away from the screen.
So how can you lure your child to step out of the comforts of the home?
Tempt your child by introducing him to the games from your childhood, simple.
Scavenger Hunt: The scavenger hunt is a great game to explore the different nooks and corners of your neighborhood park.
Make a list of things you want the kids to find at the park.
Then divide the kids into two teams.
Give each team a list and bag to collect the items.
Decide the place to meet after collecting all the items.
The first fun games to play at the park for adults to arrive at the destination with all the items in the list will be the winner.
Basketball: Image: Shutterstock Play a friendly fun games to play at the park for adults of basketball in the park.
If there is more than one hoop, then divide the players into two teams and play the game.
If there is just one hoop, then you can play a fun game of H-O-R-S-E.
You can easily set up the badminton net in the grassy area of the park.
Each time the shuttle hits the ground, the opposing team will score a point.
The team that attains 21 points first is the winner.
Frozen Tag: It is one of the best fun games to play in the park.
Ask the children to scatter within fun games to play at the park for adults playing area.
You can also participate and free the frozen players.
Hide And Seek: Image: Shutterstock Hide and seek is a traditional game played at the park.
All the children except one need to hide.
The seeker needs to find all the hidden players now.
This game comes in the list of ideal children park games.
You have to call out the orders and the child who makes a mistake either has to leave the game or become a shark to catch the other players.
Capture The Flag: If you can get enough children to the park, then Capture the Flag is a wonderful game to play.
The object of the game is to capture a pre-identified object from the opposite team.
Each team has to hide the object within the boundary.
If one team tags and captures the opponents, the other fun games to play at the park for adults can free the captive by reaching him safely and getting a free walk back to their base.
Follow the Leader: Image: Shutterstock Go for a nature hike in the park while playing Follow the Leader.
You have to play the lead in this game, and your followers have to imitate your actions.
If you bend down to look, then the kids must also bend down and look.
If you jump over a twig, others must jump too.
Take turns so that everyone gets to be the leader.
Outdoor Bowling: Fill empty water bottles with water or sand.
These bottles will be the pins.
Arrange the bottles in a triangle and take turns to bowl and keep score.
The player who scores the maximum points wins the challenge.
Image: Shutterstock The game is perfect if you are in the company of ten children.
You can divide the children into two teams.
Mark two goal lines about 100 feet apart.
Each team has to stand behind their goal lines.
The game begins with one team throwing Frisbee to the other team.
The team that gets the Frisbee successfully over the goal line of the other team scores a point.
The first team to score 21 points is the winner.
So this weekend, ask your child to call his friends and head to the local park.
Alternatively, you can go with your entire family for a fun time together at the park.
Give the children the liberty to make up fun games at the park.
Do you often take your children to the park?
Do tell us some kids park games that are a hit with your family in the comments box below.

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